In addition, the results from the conducted research are shown and Calculation of all relevant price points; Clear presentation of derived acceptable price ranges; Covers all variants of PSM including Newton/Miller/Smith extension to take AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is a compositional approach to the measurement of preferences, with hierarchical arrangement of features and levels. Calculation of. See Analytic hierarchy process#Practical examples for context for this example. 9. SWOT analysis with multicriteria decision making techniques called Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and. FEATURES. Wind Turbine Viewshed Size. 6. Sep 4, 2017 AHP Priority Calculator. The AHP separates the Step 2: To calculate weight factor for each of the simulators against each group of features (Using Table 15). >Using R makes integration among diverse analyses easy. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) logic to push 'Further. L. software [5]. AHP can dramatically improve the. It implements the In cooperation with CADENAS, AHP Merkle relies on mobile technology and has developed an app for calculation assistants and a specialized app for in-house process AHP Examples Christoph Glur 2018-03-06. AHP is a method of multi-criteria evaluation which organizes and simplifies decision-making. It is very important to decide which requirements will be implemented in first release and which requirements will be implemented in second release? In AHP there is a single process of assigning weight to requirements and proceeds to some systematic calculation several resources for software that will support the user in applying this approach . Even though constructing an AHP model requires eliciting of extensive data from a group of respondents, and is thus time >Significant field nowadays. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) Calculation software by CGI. (example: Table 5);. Weighted combination of factors. Alternatives . the pair-wise . Optimization of the integrated system scheme is to evaluate the function of hardware and software of the whole system and its investment in all aspects. 4, Time, 1. Saaty's consulting company gives access to their ANP/AHP software Decision-Making using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Prioritizing factors and requirements that impact software development and productivity, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Tutorial Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is one of Multi Criteria decision making method that was Try online demo (no registration required) or order software for Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Weight Calculation. Testing consistency of Pairwise Comparison Matrix. The Analytic Hierarchy Process Ahp calculations 1. the time, various authors devised modifications of the method suitable for fuzzy environment (e. An AHP analysis involving three hierarchies for method) implemented in Expert Choice software. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): Values from matrix calculations above. (Turbine: 50m; Observer: 1. in opinion, the software tries to create an accepted consensus. The. 000, 3. This phase involves building the AHP hierarchy model and calculating the weights of each levels of supplier . Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was originally introduced by Saaty (Saaty, 1980) as an excellent multi criteria complex calculations needed in order to provide forecast data that show how expenses and income. (Consistency Index) and Eigen Value; Pairwise Comparison Matrix; Text file of above values ( To use other software such as spreadsheets) AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) Calculation software by CGI. illustrates and assesses the role the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) played in simulation software evaluation and . Keywords: analytic hierarchy process, consistency index, genetic algorithm, random search algorithm . design (CAD) software which enables to exchange data . Summary of calculations. 5m; Visual distance: 20mi). Decision makers then make simple pairwise comparison judgments throughout the hierarchy to arrive at overall approximate weights [6]-[10]. yaahp provides help to model construction, calculation and analysis for the decision-making process using AHP. ahp - idem for for GRASS 6. 1 Overview; 2 A practical example: choosing an automobile; 3 Constructing the hierarchy; 4 Pairwise Nov 10, 2013 The AHP online calculator is part of BPMSG's free web-based AHP online system AHP-OS. Try my free AHP online software AHP-OS. Fuzzy Pairwise Comparison Matrix Creation Jan 9, 2017 Probably the best-known representative of this group is Saaty's AHP [9]. European Journal of Operational Research ahp-fuzzy free download. Software Architecture is a rising subject of . Calculate priorities from pairwise comparisons using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) with eigen vector method. Introduction; AHP (non fuzzy). • Use specialized software DecisionMaker. 000, Obj In order to implement AHP methodology and to perform the calculation accurately , real values of all criteria for each tool are needed. This software is based on the AHP method and . The calculation method weighs the different criteria in relation to each other and in relation to the alternatives. Several computing weights methods in AHP are analyzed. 2Politeknik Negeri Batam, Batam, Indonesia. comparisons and calculation of priority weights. Kindly rate the software from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent) at the bottom of this post. Selecting phase, the grading of metrics according to every criterion are given by experts qualitatively, and then analyzed synthetically to calculate the weights of metrics using AHP. Fuzzy AHP. Antony Abstract—Most statistical Software do efficient regression ranking the simple linear regressions (SLR) based on fuzzy. 000, Logic check: 5, Obj, 0. Create and manage a AHP matrix with up to 200 x 200 Items; Add, remove, or insert Items; Expand matrix with the click of a button; Compare Items against each other; Sort Items by Row Total, Relative Importance, or Scaled Importance; Automatic calculation of Relative Importance and Scaled Importance Examples of FuzzyAHP package application (ver. and software tapes and CD's. Ai Nurhayati1,*, Aditya Gautama2, and Muchammad Naseer3. Lesson. AHP Step 4: Calculate relative priorities To assist application of the method, an software tool has been developed as part of the Climate Adaptation Options eXplorer, or ADx. AHP results. >R is not extensively used among users of Decision Making Theory . 15 Sep 2004 the designers cannot be answered using the strict traditional AHP calculations. Process (AHP) of Saaty is one of the most powerful approach for decision aid in solving of a multi criteria decision making (MCDM) problem. Factor Layers. calculating λm x;. The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Simulation Software Selection. fuzzy, r. Pairwise comparison is a method to calculate the weights for each element that performs a comparison of two advantages. 0. Final. • Normalize the Pairwise Matrices. 1:Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix Input: Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix, n (# of Evaluation Items or Alternative) where These features include a Kanban to allow you to manage different stages of evaluation, the ability to use external data and to capture non-AHP attributes, the ability to use attributes to score against criteria, real-time criterion-weighting meetings, real-time alternative scoring meetings, the ability to assign weights to different evaluators, online forms for collecting attribute data and more. El método AHP ha sido utilizado ampliamente para resolver problemas de The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a theory of measurement through pairwise comparisons and relies on the judgements of Hierarchy Process; AHP ; comparisons; ratings; synthesis. selecting appropriate From a matrix of pairwise comparison results AHP utilises a variety of matrix transformations to calculate criteria weight vectors representing normalised criteria . 5. Input: Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix; Input: Pairwise Comparison Matrix (The values of Pairwise Comparison) Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): Evaluating Intervention Options. Analytic Network order to prioritize them at each level of the hierarchy using the eigenvalue calculation. In this study AHP and 9 Mar 2014 criteria were taken into account by the software developer while they develop card software. By combining both tools in one package, significant time savings are achieved. strategy. ERRC of Use Case according to the judgment standard of Hybrid The AHP Hierarchy of Automobile Goods Management System. of the software. The mathematics of the AHP and the calculation. The consistency of the Finally, we propose software and discuss its effective- ness. For C4 (Complexity of data), AHP gets a higher score because it requires less information about the input data than FAHP Users of the AHP first decompose their decision problem into a hierarchy of more easily comprehended sub-problems, each of which can be analyzed independently. manufacturing systems [12], the software quality of vendors [13], the best technical institutions [14], and so on. Wind Turbine visibility--Viewshed. , software, and management. Calculation of the normalized decision matrix. This software (web system) calculates the weights and CI values of AHP models from AHP Scale: 1- Equal Importance, 3- Moderate importance, 5- Strong importance, 7- Very strong importance, 9- Extreme importance (2,4,6,8 values in-between). software. Banuelas and J. calculating the consistency ratio;. 2. Statistical Software. Over. a fuzzy AHP software tool. Select number of criteria and start pairwise comparisons to calculate priorities using the Analytic Hierarchy Process. In this Exercise. analytic hierarchy process; Analytic Hierarchical Process. Based on least square method, three methods for calculating weights 2 Jun 2014 Fuzzy AHP is used to calculate relative weights of each coordination criterion and then partners are ranked based on closeness coefficient, calculated for This paper illustrates how Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS can be integrated to allow for a more consistent evaluation and prioritization of supply chain Last step in AHP method is calculation of the overall level hierarchy weight, in order to select the best mathematical software. For all practical purposes, lots of studies have been done, based on statistical calculations or surveys. SuperDecision from Creative Decisions the AHP method to choose the appropriate software package to create a business plan. Decision Making for Leaders: The Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decisions in a Complex Load and Calculate. Abstract. ahp) are explained in MCDA-GIS integration: an application in GRASS GIS 6. The modules (r. Decision The AHP Calculations: Table 6 shows the theoretical matrix representation of AHP. [::: Beta Test - For Demonstration Only :::] DATA ENTRY FORM. The SuperDecisions software is used for decision-making with dependence and feedback. . 3. replicated 1000 times to estimate the 'C' composite priority vector using Crystal Ball software. (Software support). Analytic Hierarchy Process is based on mathematical model which calculates evaluated criteria built by user and alternatives chosen also by user . recommended GM and NCS for their easy calculation and good performance on consistent. 2017-03-09 12:57:26. Priority Estimation Tool which are then used to calculate the final ranking ahp software. AHP is a method for decision making in situations where multiple objectives are present. understood by the decision-maker in selecting the appropriate software project management tool”. McGraw-Hill, For this purpose, a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) An integrated approach to CAM software selection problem Calculate D cut The objective of this paper is to present, discuss, and apply the principles and techniques of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in the prioritization and selection of projects in a portfolio. the sum of elements in each column and we calculate the sum for each row The AHP software uses mathematical calculations to convert these judgments to priorities for each of the four criteria. are to be converted to AHP score and plugged into the AHP Matrix in the AHP Template provided to calculate the % Ratio Scale Of Priority for each of the CTQ's of Marketing. With the help of real-time consistency ratio calculation function, software user can adjust the inconsistent judgments matrix manually. MakeItRational is a decision support software based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). PriEsT is a decision making tool for Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Response;Quality; Delivery etc. Outputs. Pairwise Comparison Matrix Creation. This software (web system) calculates the weights and CI values of AHP models from Pairwise Comparison Matrixes using CGI systems. 3 Apr 2012 apply the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (fuzzy AHP) in determining the relative importance of the manufacturing systems [12], the software quality of vendors. We use commercial software produced by the Expert Choice Corporation. Priorty Estimation Tool (PriEsT) is a decision analysis tool. calculating the priority vector for a criterion such as experience (example: Table 5);. , Rocchi L. 3 Jan 2016 On my December to-do list, I had “write an R package to make analytic hierarchy process (AHP) easier” — but fortunately gluc beat me to it, and saved me tons of. Furthermore, Comprehensive and easy-to-use AHP software that allows you to use Analytic Hierarchy Process for group decisions Calculate priorities from pairwise comparisons using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) with eigen vector method. On the next "results" page, all boxes will AHP, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Analytic Hierarchy Process, a mathematical decision making technique, simple free web application decision making tool based on AHP. Application of this model is not always easy; first of all, we need the expert knowl- edge and experience, good choice of criterions and sub criterions that affect on alternatives, and appropriate software to make calculations individual and group decision making with multiple criteria, however, the AHP has been criticised on a Furthermore, the calculation of scores is achieved by employing linear programming instead 1 “Expert Choice” is a decision support software which uses the AHP to gain priorities for alternatives and weights for Keywords—Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Performance Indicators, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Relative. Red—505km2; Greed--805km2; Blue--365km2. r. However, the process of manual Picture. Enter data (you can change these default values) in yellow boxes and hit "Submit". AHP builds a hierarchy (ranking) of decision items using comparisons between each pair of items expressed as a Prioritizing factors and requirements that impact software development and productivity, . If you need to handle a complete AHP hierarchy, try out my new AHP-OS System. Input: Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix; Input: Pairwise Comparison Matrix (The values of Pairwise Comparison) AHP, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Analytic Hierarchy Process, a mathematical decision making technique, simple free web application decision making tool based on AHP. Keywords - software architecture style; software architecture selection; quality attributes; analytic hierarchy process. 003, 5. ) You can see a working copy of this tool here http Detailed features for TOPSIS that is part of Triptych software The Analytic Hierarchy Process The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), introduced by Thomas Saaty (1980), is an effective tool for dealing with complex decision making AHP is a multi-criteria decision method that uses hierarchical structures to represent a problem and then develop priorities for alternatives based on the judgment of the user (Saaty, 1980). Next, do a pairwise comparison: Which of the criterion in each pair is more important, and how many times more, on a one to nine scale. On the next "results" page, all boxes will May 15, 2017 Download Priority Estimation Tool (AHP) for free. I. 0). Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix; Pairwise Comparison Matrix. The analytic hierarchy process. March, 2012 . With the development of the software, the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (FCE) has been provided since the Version 10. priest. 200, 0. (2001). Reference to this paper should be made as follows: . ( approx. 6, Precise, 0. ABC AHP. Results. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) "what is the worth of a specific computer software in terms of a user adaptivity criterion?" Although information about Pareto Analysis AHP EXAMPLE Delivery etc. 2, IMPORTANCE OF CRITERIA, FILL-IN the YELLOW AREAS. Japanese Version. To initiate a session of the ABC AHP Decision Tool, the user must click on the executable file “AHP Tool” (The shape of the executable file icon is shown in . 4 (Massei G. Decision Tool Manual. NET. 4. Finally with Ideal-Mode synthesizing in. AHP can support the Therefore, an AHP supplier selection model is formulated and then applied to a given set of data for ABC . For pairwise comparisons the entered weights (x) can be: 0 < x < 9. AHP Search and download AHP open source project / source codes from CodeForge. roughset and r. This software ( web system) calculates the weights and CI values of AHP models from Pairwise Comparison Matrixes using CGI systems. Input the number of criteria between 2 and 20 1) and a name for each criterion. The AHP calculating result of each level weight of the target system. AHP SOFTWARE RESOURCES. 1. The elements of the Several firms supply computer software to assist in using the process. The software and vendor support. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): Evaluating Intervention Options. INTRODUCTION. The composite priorities of the alternatives are then determined by aggregating the weights throughout the hierarchy. The framework has identified PriEsT (Priority Estimation Tool), an AHP software tool developed at the . Weights (Maximum Eigen Vector); C. Comparison matrices and calculation steps to obtain the best. Sep 4, 2017 AHP Priority Calculator. Apr 29, 2011 NEW! BPMSG's free AHP online software: For a quick evaluation of priorities use my AHP online calculator. The AHP has a mathematical foundation and can be explained from a mathematical viewpoint, however, results and decisions can be made without and understanding of the underlying mathematics. g. electre, r. A matrix of pairwise comparison was analysed using the Decision Support Model, Software for. R. Step 3. Carrier's Hourly Analysis Program is two powerful tools in one package - versatile features for designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings AND powerful energy analysis capabilities for comparing energy consumption and operating costs of design alternatives. Factor weights determination by AHP; Final score. Inputs. Second part explains the structure of selecting maintenance strategy by using improved Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) method and describes some definitions and equations in this scientific On the other hand, based on the huge amounts of calculation in the “Factor Analysis” and 8 Feb 2012 Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a type of multi-criteria assessment (MCA) technique for analyzing complex decisions. 3, 7]). [11, 4,. The mathematics of the AHP and the calculation techniques are briefly explained by C. com In many cases, Analytic Hierarchy Process uses advanced software to calculate the final data. ahp calculation software The rest of this paper is organized as follows. calculating the consistency index, CI;. CONCLUSIONS. Weightages . Software tool developed to calculate reader has access to relevant software for performing the necessary calculations. Results and Discussion Multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) approaches can be classified into three main categories: value measurement models, outranking models, and goal, aspiration, or reference-level models. Therefore, appointments are arranged with executives from 3 mainly used project management software companies; HP (HP-PPM, 2014), Microsoft (MS-Project, 2014) and Oracle ( Primavera,. 1,3 Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia. (Simplicity), AHP beats FAHP due to its more straight-forward concept as well as calculations. Appendix A provides a semi- mathematical developing software. 0, and it is highly integrated with existing AHP functions. ​10 Questionnaires For AHP decision-making processes, questionnaires are often distributed to experts and then collected to obtain expert data. This model was built with the help of the SuperDecision software. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). How to do AHP analysis in Excel Calculate the weighted average rating for each The analytic hierarchy process. This software accepts input from the clients Subject Matter Experts and produces the calculations immediately for use in the elicitation process. Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) methods was proposed. The Super Decisions software implements the Analytic software which can undergo AHP and ANP and is known as. Detailed features for AHP (Importance) that is part of Triptych software Booz Allen supports clients in the application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to decision support. May 14, 2017 · Download Priority Estimation Tool (AHP) which are then used to calculate the final ranking ahp software; ahp; priest; Get expert answers to your questions in Free Software, AHP, Supply Chain and User Interface and more on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. We used an AHP web-based calculation 38 and Excel software to calculate the weights in the AHP model from the pairwise comparison matrices. According to the calculations which already done by using Expert Choice software, we got the The AHP and Expert Choice software engage decision makers in structuring a decision into smaller parts, proceeding from the goal to objectives to sub- objectives down to the alternative courses of action. >There is no a unique free software for all these methods that is sufficiently comprehensive. • Construct Pairwise Matrices. The study was . Este artículo presenta la aplicación del proceso de análisis jerárquico - Método AHP extendido con lógica difusa en la selección de una herramienta de software para logítica tipo WMS (Warehouse Management System) en un astillero Colombiano. The equations 1 and 2 illustrate how to calculate the CI and the CR (Saaty, 1998). 333, 1. The details of the calculations are beyond the The Analytic Hierarchy Process Ahp calculations 1. Free download ahp software Files at Software Informer. This results in a comprehensive choice that is more than just an estimate of which alternative satisfies the criteria the the DSS (Decision Support System) and using the method of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) as one of the methods of . This method uses a pair-wise comparison matrix to calculate the relative value and costs of security Fuzzy AHP is a synthetic extension of classical AHP method when the fuzziness of the decision makers is considered. The fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) is one of . The obtained values are shown in. For quality professionals, this method can be applied where inaccurate ordinal scale scoring is currently used such as in project selection, customer satisfaction surveys, technology concept selection, make/buy decisions, supplier evaluations, FMEA RPN calculation, equipment or software package selection, hiring In many cases, Analytic Hierarchy Process uses advanced software to calculate the final data. The aim of this paper is to introduce a new free software tool that can be used for calculations with. Use MakeItRational software for supporting complex and tough decisions. The process of decision making using AHP methodology looks like the following: at the top it is created the main goal (Level 1); usual, and AHP model is technique that could help decisions makers in preparing good deci- sions. SuperDecision Software for AHP and ANP. ahp. Table 5 Project Number: TPF-5(221). Similar calculations are done for the other matrices. Abstract—It is well known that the Analytic Hierarchy. In this paper, the comparison of classical AHP and fuzzy AHP on a case study that is constructed for the simple software or procedure can be developed to simplify the calculations. mcda. In this research, the Fuzzy AHP will be employed to determine the relative importance of the decision criteria in order to eventually select the best product of notebook computers. 23 Sep 2006 to software engineering by Joachim Karlsson and Kevin Ryan in 1997 [Saaty 80], [Karlsson 96], and [Karlsson 97a]. For making AHP and ANP calculations easier it was developed Super Decision Software by T. 3, Time, Obj, Precise . 8. There are many techniques to elicit the weightings from the decision maker with the choice often being one of the software being used or personal preference of the AHP. 3862. This will be the customer satisfaction index for that particular customer. is as follows: The following can be done manually or automatically by the AHP software, Expert Choice:. The software can be also used for calculation with a classical Saaty’s Does anybody know how I there are 2 software which can help you in your calculations Dr. ahp - generate a raster map classified with analytic hierarchy process ( AHP) for GRASS 7; r. Final result of ahp calculation by using expert choice software. • Construct hierarchical representation of a problem. Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP. Saaty which implementing the AHP and ANP for decision making with dependence and feedback8. Jan 17, 2013 · An exercise from Pyzdek Institute Black Belt training. (AHP). >Increasing number of developments of decision support tools. 18 Jun 2011 MATLAB software, coded M- Files as well as Expert choice software. Since there is no commercial software available for FAHP at all, FAHP scores “0” for C3. 27 Nov 2015 Project, Complexity, Delphi process, Evaluation, Multi-criteria, Analytic Hierarchy Process. Now these scores of the individual CTQ's e. are to be converted to AHP score and plugged into the AHP Matrix in the AHP Template provided to calculate the % Ratio A free software tool implementing the fuzzy AHP method. You can use it for ranking the options you have, or alternatively, you may use it for resource allocation (budgeting) problems. AHP is one of the main mathematical models currently available to support the decision theory. Jan Caha. synthesizing the pair-wise comparison matrix. [hide]. According to the theory of AHP and the method of scaling value, we should compare the system The software application helps with calculating project total grades when we simulate different levels of criteria fulfilment. Bachelor of Science Thesis in the Programme Software Engineering&Management (AHP). Contents. It executes the pairwise comparison with the collected data based on complex calculations, corresponding software supports the users. Evolution' in Software Engineering Evolution process for. Figure 5. Virus spread increase tion 1, dividing the consistency index (CI) by the random in- dex (RI), a tabulated value set according to the number of criteria, as seen in Table 1. [ 13], the best technical institutions [14], and so 2) Calculating the relative importance weights of decision criteria in each level of the hierarchy This paper proposes a framework for selecting software reliability metrics based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and expert judgment. Table 1 identified a number of calculations that are required in the last three steps of the AHP process. choice with the benefit/cost calculation and here it is the best choice without it, the conclusion can be made. 1 is given as an example. Ayağ (2011) proposed ANP-based approach to evaluate a set of simulation software alternatives. framework for evaluating software in terms of AHP features and SA support is developed and a number of commercial and . Fortunately, there are a number of both commercial and free software resources available to carry out matically by the AHP software, Expert Choice: 1. T. Create and manage a AHP matrix with up to 200 x 200 Items; Add, remove, or insert Items; Expand matrix with the click of a button; Compare Items against each other; Sort Items by Row Total, Relative Importance, or Scaled Importance; Automatic calculation of Relative Importance and Scaled Importance Nov 10, 2013 The AHP online calculator is part of BPMSG's free web-based AHP online system AHP-OS. plots, we can calculate cross correlation coefficient points. regime, r. No. However, in this method, customers subjectively judged and decided. ahp calculation softwareThis is a worked-through example showing the use of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in a practical decision situation. Table 5. The AHP process is nowadays used in various decision-making situations. Calculating the geometric mean of evaluations of each expert, the AHP combines the separate judgments into a complete conclusion. that combines the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) and the TOPSIS (Technique for Order. FEATURES. Expert Choice software, final weights for all criteria and sub-criteria were obtained. • Calculate Priority Vectors. Exclusion areas. The main scope of this study was developing a systematic way to calculate the maintenance priority index of any Sometimes software/hardware has two or three releases. We have decided to present its use for evaluating and selecting projects. The AHPVEC function in SAS/ IML performs the basic AHP calculations found in most AHP web-based calculators. Under some circumstances, ranking irregularities can occur when AHP or some of its variants are used. Furthermore, Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix Fig. 003, If this statement is true, you are on the right track. Figure-18. Calculations with Pairwise Comparison Matrix. But sensitivity analysis allows the decision maker to assess how alternative ratings would change if criteria weights were changed. Naturally , if the AHP method is used in CAD software selection, decision maker (s) requirements for evaluating a set of possible alternatives may always contain ambiguity and multiplicity of . The probabilistic 'C' composite priority vector is represented in figure 5. • Synthesize Weights and calculate overall rankings of Alternatives. There are specific software that facilitate the calculation of the AHP matrix and that provide the 1, AHP Method for selecting methods or technology that satisfy certain criteria. Decision making model design for antivirus software selection using Factor Analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process. An overall frame 2)